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SCC Recycled Small Parts Storage Box

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SKU: PB-1010

SCC Recycled Small Parts Storage Box divided into ten (10) compartments with a sliding plastic top.  Please note, these plastic boxes have been used previously for other purposes.  As such, some small scratches and scuffes may be evident; however, all boxes are in very good to excellent condition.

This box is perfect for storing and organizing small slot car parts including, but not limited to, pinion gears, axle spacers, guide spacers, body screws, motor screws, motor lead wire ferrules, bushings, bearings, etc..  These boxes are also stackable.  Box (exterior) measures 3.9" long by 1.6" wide x .5" tall.  Each compartment measures .7" long by .7" wide x .25" deep.  Box is blue with an semi-transparent sliding top.

Package contains one (1) storage box.