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PSM25BB Piranha 25,000 RPM Ball Bearing Motor

U/M: Each

Piranha Slot Motor featuring S-Can motor - rated at 25,000 RPM / 185 g*cm torque at 12VDC.  Motor shaft OD is 2.0mm.  Features include:

  • Smooth, easy-to-drive powerband
  • Ball bearings support armature shaft
  • Dual armature shaft can be used with can or end-bell drive setup
  • Pre-soldered silicone motor lead wires
  • Includes tapped holes for securing to motor pod with screws (can end)

The Piranha 25K Ball Bearing is a great motor for home, club or proxy racing - try one and "Take a Bite Out of the Competition!".


  • If you plan to use the Piranha in a sidewinder configuration, clearance between the motor's can and the rear axle might be very tight and in some cases, there might be interference.  Should you encounter interference, you can:
    • Carefully use a Dremel with a sanding drum to remove a small amount of the can's material in the area where the interference is present, or
    • Consider using a Turned Center Axle which is designed specifically for this purpose.
  • The label affixed to this motor is difficult to read.  In particular, the RPM rating is blurry on some labels and appears to read "15,000 RPM" instead of "25,000 RPM".  The motor is in fact rated at 25,000 RPM.