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CGMP001G CG Slotcars Microcarbon Sidewinder Motor Pod 1.0mm Offset

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CG Slot Cars CGMP001G Microcarbon Sidewinder motor pod for FC130 (short can) motors. This motor pod is end bell drive with 1.0mm standard offset and includes standard 3/32" bronze bushings. An innovative bushing cover is also included to ensure the bushings do not pop out of the motor pod.  Fits a standard 4 post podded (or equivalent) chassis and can also accept brass rod (1/16" OD) to become a narrow scratch build chassis. The Microcarbon material is impregnated with carbon fiber - the result is a motor pod that is very stiff and very durable!

Caution - Use care NOT bend the motor tabs more than 3mm when inserting the motor.