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4 Lane Track Wiring Kit
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*** Please Note - The accompanying product picture shows a 4 lane Plastic Track Wiring Kit for illustration purposes.


Slot Car Corner Plastic Track Wiring Kits are designed to simplify your track wiring project - no need to research and track down various components from multiple sources and hope they all work with one another.  Our kits require ZERO electrical expertise and are fully scaleable for tracks up to 200 track sections (additional terminal blocks can be purchased to accomodate even larger tracks).  Wiring kits are offered below for 2, 3, 4, 6 or 8 lanes and are compatible with all brands and scales of plastic slot car track.

Our Plastic Track Wiring Kits areWhile anyone can sell you some terminal blocks and spade terminals, our wiring kits include the really good ones (see Terminal Blocks)!  What's more, our wiring kits include special labels and templates which are designed to make your wiring project much easier.  The templates are designed specifically for the heavy duty terminal blocks included in the kit - simply mount the template between the terminal block and the underside of your table using the mounting hardware provided.  Everything is clearly labeled - this makes it a snap to layout and connect your track wiring.  The templates also make it very easy for us to provide remote (telephone) support should you have any questions.  Once your wiring project is completed, the templates serve as documentation for future reference should you need to reconfigure your wiring or troubleshoot a problem.  Whether this is your first track wiring project or you're a seasoned veteran, you'll really appreciate these templates!

What's Included?

This wiring kit includes:

  • Heavy Duty Jumpered Terminal Block (1)
  • Heavy Duty Terminal Blocks (5) for power taps (up to 2 power taps may be connected to each terminal block = 10 power taps total)
    • Note:  Power taps are NOT included - available for purchase separately
  • Heavy Duty Terminal Blocks for Driver's Stations (1 per lane) to simplify wiring Driver's Stations into the overall track wiringTerminal blocks include pre-installed self-resetting circuit protection for both sides of the circuit ("+" and "-")
  • Oversize Spade Terminals for Power Supply (2)
  • Spade Terminals (V)
  • Wiring Clips (V)
  • Power Tap Orientation Template (V)
  • Wiring Templates (1 set)
  • Wire Labels (1 set)
  • All mounting hardware for terminal blocks, wiring clips, etc. (V)
  • Legendary SCC support both before and after the sale.  Have questions?  We're here to help!


Note:  The "size" (number of positions/connections) of the terminal blocks will vary depending on the number of lanes in your track layout.  Quantity of items with a "V" vary depending on the number of lanes the wiring kit is designed for.

What Else Will I Need?

Items NOT included in our wiring kits that must be sourced and procured elsewhere include:

  • Power Supply (for 1/32 racing, the Circuit Specialists CSI25SW-D is a great choice)
  • Driver's Stations (Controller Hookup Panels) - You can purchase high-quality Driver Stations in kit form or prefabricated from us.
  • Wire (available at local home improvement centers such as Lowe's, Home Depot and Canadian Tire).  Be sure to purchase stranded copper wire.  For most 1/32 track layouts, 14 AWG wire is adequate.  Refer to our illustrated Track Wiring Guide for more information.
  • Lap Counters and PC-based Race Management Systems (e.g. Trakmate, PC Lap Counter)

Other Helpful Resources

An illustrated Track Wiring Guide is also available free of charge - it provides easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions which cover ALL aspects of your track wiring project (including installation of the track wiring kit).  This guide is by FAR the most complete how-to track wiring reference available today.

Still uncertain or skeptical about just how much easier these wiring kits will make your track wiring project?  Be sure to read what some of our Customers have to say in the Testimonial section.

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