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Track Owner: Mike Miles



Mike Miles sent us some pictures of his recently completed custom routed track.  Here's some info about his amazing "Miles Miglia Circuit".

  • The middle lane is roughly 130 feet in length.  With the combination of left and right corners, the other 2 lane lengths are very close to this.
  • Mike spent about a year buidling the layout - he estimates the project took about 950 hours to complete.  Slot Car Corner provided most of the track building supplies along with technical support as required.
  • The track can be raised to the garage ceiling using a 12 volt, 2000 pound winch pulling 7 cables that can be attached to the track table.  The cables are routed up into the attic using pulleys where a single cable is attached to the winch.  Note:  There is a short video of the track being lowered at the bottom of this page.
  • The track rests on sixteen (16) 4 inch diameter ABS pipes that are 36 inches long.  Each of the pipes is fastened to 4 inch ABS pipe caps that are mounted to the underside of the track table.
  • The track features a long, 26 foot main straight that leads into a banked turn.  The track layout features a mix of tight and sweeping corners with straight sections of varying lengths.  This mixture provides a challenging racing experience where racers must stay focused on acceleration and braking points.
  • The beginning of the main straight features a hump that presents a challenge keeping the cars in the slot if a racer applies too much throttle!
  • TrackMate Race Management runs on a laptop with a 40 inch display on the wall.
  • A Professor Motor power supply and controllers round out this great layout.


Congratulations on your new track build Mike - now it's time to start swapping some paint!  Here are some more pictures.








Some pictures of the winch/pulley system used to raise and lower the track.  The first picture shows the electric winch with a single cable routed up through a piece of PVC.




The next picture shows the single cable from the winch exiting the top of the PVC "guide".  The single winch cable is then fastened to seven (7) individual cables.




The seven (7) cables are then routed to seven (7) pulleys located above the ceiling over the lift points of the track.




The bolt/nut on the left is the "bottom" of one of the seven (7) eyebolts used to fasten cables to.




This is one of the mounts for the removeable legs that support the table.





Here is a short video showing the track being lowered from the ceiling.


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